Canterbury Place Retirement Residence Renovation


For this project ATHREE was asked to enclose two existing terraces to create a bar/bistro dining space for residents. By expanding the dining facility, ATHREE was able to add an arts and crafts area and additional health services offices for residents. Strong and trendy structural elements combine with gorgeous interior finishes to create a luxurious space, fitting for the residents at Canterbury Place Retirement Residence.

Verve Senior Living

135,000 sq.ft.

March 2012 (original building)
Terrace Started: April 2020


“ATHREE was required to be flexible on this project. As the Client’s needs changed, our construction plan had to as well. A phased hoarding plan and separate access to the site were implemented to ensure the safety of the residents in the existing building and of the workers. Good communication with the management team allowed work to proceed with minimal disruption to the existing facility with no complaints from management or residents”.

Dan Gargaro, Construction Manager, ATHREE