With over 80 years of combined experience, the Gesualdi and Pillitteri families have grouped together along with Andrew Perry and founded ATHREE. Distinctively positioned as industry experts in the construction business, ATHREE is built on a strong foundation – creating properties that are designed to last.

Building the Past, Present and Future



Utilizing our collective years of expertise and relationships to leverage knowledge and add value to any project.


Management of all things construction, executing and delivering perfection is our promise.


A completed building with ATHREE allows client operations to run more effectively and efficiently, ultimately adding functionality that stands the test of time. We Build for Keeps!


Andrew Perry
Chief Operating Officer

A registered professional engineer and LEED Green associate. Over ten years of multifaceted construction, engineering and project management experience in residential, healthcare, education, sports, recreation, and transportation sectors. Andrew Perry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver on ATHREE’s promise of constructing projects that stand the test of time.

Dan Gargaro

A registered professional engineer, with over thirty years of construction experience. Dan Gargaro has proven leadership qualities and technical knowledge to take a ‘master builder’ approach to the construction process. Dan Gargaro’s approach is based on expertise, professionalism and collaboration to ensure the success of the team.

Alex Sirizzotti

A chartered professional accountant with experience in making sense of dollars and cents. Alex Sirizzotti brings a unique skill set from his background in academia, as well as public accounting and corporate finance to the construction process. Alex Sirizzotti embraces the responsibility to extend ATHREE’s core values to its internal accounting and tax functions and external financial reporting.

Sean Cooper
Project Coordinator

A construction professional with over ten years of multi-disciplinary experience in the landscaping, residential, transportation, and project management sectors. Sean Cooper brings a passionate and organized approach to his projects, ensuring they are running on time and on budget.

Joe Bosco
General Superintendent

Joe brings over 30 years of construction experience to the ATHREE team. He has been the go-to guy on many project recovery assignments in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors due to his uncanny ability to solve any construction problem. Joe’s experience and ability to think outside the box makes him an asset on any project; you can be sure the work will be delivered on time and on budget.


ATHREE is a construction and building services company that specializes in healthcare, commercial and retail developments. Each project celebrated for its distinctive and innovative approach, ATHREE undertakes many different projects across the GTA. Discover the strategies and thoughts used to bring each project to completion, and learn what makes ATHREE a leader in these niche segments.

Corporate Lineage

For over 80 years the Pillitteri and Gesualdi families have established an unparalleled legacy in the construction business with a respect built on transparency, commitment and superior quality. Now, the second generation of each family will continue these revered values, while bringing a new desire and passion to stay at the forefront of advancing technologies and new efficient ways to deliver on superior long-lasting quality. Family values and a strong lineage of industry success is the foundation of ATHREE.